57 Seconds

Crafts the modern day elevator pitch. We have created messages for companies like IBM and Avon that have resulted in 32% higher click through rates and 23% higher conversion. We tell your story in less than a minute and get your customers to take action.


The Script Developer – $49 {One Time Fee}

This is our basic service. Our web app takes you through our messaging methodology that builds your 170 word script in four easy steps.


The Problem

Let’s face the truth: your prospects probably don’t fully understand what you can do for them. They are not reading the details on your site and are quickly skimming your emails if not deleting them all together. Just like you, they are bombarded with emails, voicemails and text messages.

Your outreach is being ignored, and you are spending way more time prospecting and less time actually engaged in the selling process.


How We Fix It

The end result of “57 Seconds” is a 170 word script of your core message and value proposition. Once you are done, regardless of your writing skills, you will have the ability to engage prospects with a message about them not you!

This script can be used for your telemarketing outreach, your website marketing and most importantly as the foundation for your own 57 second message.

Our Methodology

Our script development platform is based on the following principles.



Generally, 15%-25% of the message. Grabs the attention of the recipient and gets them interested.


60%-70% of the message. Your value proposition transposed into the voice of the customer.


Typically 10% of the message is the call to action, driving the recipient to do something such as a live meeting or call.

Get Started with The Script Developer - $49

Today you can change your business forever.


Imagine if your prospects opened your emails and listened to your message. What would an increase of revenues by 19% for your sales team do for your business?

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