57 Seconds Gets Reviews For Small Businesses so You Can Get Found on Search Without Stressing Over the Google Algorithm

As a business owner have you figured out how to consistently acquire reviews and get customer feedback? Keep reading and you will see how John was able to do just that.

DriveSavers Sends Review Requests After Every Estimate

After The First Quarter Of Deployment

We collected over 300+ new pieces of feedback from DriveSavers customers. Almost every single one was a 5 star experiance.

Reviews by Name

DriveSavers customers started mentioning people from support by name and saying what a great job they did. They have the best support team in the business.

Health For California Runs Our Software On Its Whole Call Center

Health for California Grew From 10 Reviews To Over 200 In The First Quarter

As of 2021 we have almost collected 3000 reviews for Health for California.

Agent Specific Reviews

Each agent inside Health for California has a landing page, and management gets an overview of reviews data in google sheets.
Section No. 1

John helps people find the right health insurance plan.

Making sure his clients are well taken care of is hard when you are managing a team of agents.

Section No. 2

Consistently asking for feedback and training a team to do the same is just hard to do well.

Because of this, you miss the opportunity to turn a happy customer into a review.

As a business owner not taking every call it’s also hard to know exactly what issues your customers are having.

Section No. 3

What if you could automate the whole process?

57 Seconds takes asking for feedback to the next level with agent-specific review requests. This means after every call your customers get a text message with an agent-specific landing page asking for feedback.

Section No. 4

Let’s take all your incoming phone calls and turn them into something valuable for your business.

5-star reviews or feedback on how you can make your business better. On top of that, you get a dashboard with all your agent performance in one spot.

Section No. 5

If you are taking calls you are missing out by not having a system in place to turn that into something valuable.

People will do business with you based on your reviews. Set up a meeting and see how we can help you grow your business.

Section No. 6

Stop trying to do everything yourself.

Getting help automating important parts of your business will allow you to offer the best service in your vertical.

Crushing your competitor on the reviews front feels great and it really validates your customer service. It also attracts customers who are looking for providers with the best reviews.

57 Seconds helps business owners rank in google by asking your customers for feedback automatically. Plan for success like John and don't get left behind.

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